Corporate Objective


MPA’s emphasis is on understanding a client’s problem and delivering solutions and services appropriate to the problem. MPA believes that collaboration between customers, leadership, management, engineers, and analysts is critical to successful business solutions that deliver user functional capabilities and requirements. MPA’s methodology and approach is to continuously interface with our clients to ensure and validate the delivery of products and services.


MPA focuses on assisting clients in establishing and developing enterprise-wide strategies and plans for customer, business ,and information technology management. MPA provides an analytic and information engineering approach designed to help decision-makers and users identify a preferred course of action. Our key to success is our analytical depth and approach which is based upon the following tenets: identify the problem/issue, analyze the data, design alternative paths, weigh cost against performance, and build execution models for delivery.

Whether a engagement is strategic direction, business process re-engineering, business process improvement, balanced scorecard, change management, governance or cyber operations , MPA defines the problem, establishes courses of action and solves the problem in concert with the organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives.

MPA works with you and your organization in understanding your environment and with a single, focused goal — to solve your problems and assist you in the attainment of your goals and objectives.


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